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Understand the century-old "code" and carry out the reform "Answer Sheet" -- Henan Energy to promote the integration of Party history learning education and reform rebirth

2022-01-26 Source: Henan Energy

  The group company studies the Party history, understands the ideology, does practical things, opens a new bureau, promotes the integration and promotion of the study and education of the Party history and the rebirth of the reform, and has made outstanding achievements, attracting the attention of the mainstream media again。Recently, after an in-depth interview with a reporter from Henan Daily, a full-page newsletter titled "Understanding the Century-old Code" and Implementing the Reform "Answer Sheet" was published in Henan Daily on January 8, attracting wide public attention。Now forward, in order to satisfy readers。

  Study Party history - strong root cast soul keep the original heart

  History is the best teacher, and the history of the Party is the most vivid and persuasive textbook。In its continuous struggle over the past century, the CPC has led the people in blazing a great path, making great achievements, forging a great spirit, and accumulating valuable experience。

  State-owned enterprises are the creation of the Party。Henan Energy & Chemical Industry Group (hereinafter referred to as "Henan Energy") has long been the leading provincial management enterprise, and is a super large state-owned enterprise in the province。From the period of reform and opening up to the new era, under the strong leadership of the Party, it has always worked hard and bravely shouldering heavy burdens, contributing to the development of the Party and the national cause and local economic construction. At the same time, it has also bred and forged the spirit of "special fighting ability" of the King of coking coal mine and the spirit of "August First Mining Team" of the Yiwu Coal Mine。

  Party history study and education since the development,伟德体育党委认真学习领会习近平总书记关于党史学习教育的重要讲话精神,Under the correct leadership of Henan Provincial Party Committee and SASAC Party Committee of Henan Provincial Government,Adhere to the principle of "learning history, learning history to enhance credibility, learning history Chongde, learning history to practice",In accordance with the general requirements of "learning Party history, understanding thoughts, doing practical things, opening a new bureau",Keep the original mind, keep perseverance, but the heart, strong confidence,We will promote the integration of learning and education of Party history with the rebirth of reform。

  To study history is to be better prepared for the future。Henan Energy Party Secretary Li Tao said,This year marks the end of a three-year campaign to reform state-owned enterprises,In the face of arduous tasks and various difficult challenges,All Party members and cadres of the Group always keep clear of "rushing for the exam",Draw experience, wisdom and strength from the red gene and struggle history,Bow into the game, quite responsible, saving refers to the fist,We will promote the rebirth of enterprise reform and take high-quality development to a new level。

  认真研读党史著作、用好红色资源开展党史教育、打造精品党课、创新学习方式……伟德体育积极落实党中央部署,Take multiple measures to study and educate the Party history,It covers 1,846 Party branches and nearly 40,000 Party members,Take a variety of forms to organize learning,Really do into the brain into the heart。

  If you want to know the road, you must first be history。The history of the Communist Party of China is the most impressive chapter in the history of modern China。Henan Energy Party Committee, taking history as a mirror and history as a bright vision, moved the class to Wangfeng Coal Mine of coking coal Company and Qianqiu Coal mine of Yishan Coal Company to make revolutionary cultural relics "speak" and historical data "speak", and to explore the spiritual code of "where from and where to go"。

  -- Red genes passed down through the ages。

  "West Great Well" is the predecessor of the British Fu company started construction in 1919 Wangfeng mine。Here gathered a large number of coal miners, become an important area for the Communist Party of China to carry out labor movement, and here sounded the charge horn of coal miners strike in Jiaozuo。毛泽东同志在《伟德体育》一文中,盛赞焦作煤矿罢工、海员罢工、铁路罢工、开滦煤矿罢工等工业无产阶级革命运动力量“特别能战斗”。

  Through the century wind and rain, witness a hundred years of trek。The spirit of "special ability to fight" has been deeply integrated into the blood of generations of coking coal workers, and has become the most dynamic red gene of the enterprise. In the previous structural adjustment and transformation development, relying on historical and cultural deposits, and making use of industrial heritage elements, the company has successfully explored a development path of "industrial tourism + red education + maker base"。"The revival of the century-old mine West Dajing is a vivid reflection of the spirit of 'special fighting ability'。"Coking coal company Party secretary, chairman Wei Shiyi said。

  -- The eternal red flag。

  China's first fully mechanized mining equipment has been successfully tested,It has cultivated the "Top Ten Outstanding Miners" and many national model workers,Has been awarded "National coal industry advanced collective" for four times,It was rated as "Ten red flags on the National Coal Front", "fifteen red flags" and "one hundred red flags" units,中华全国总工会授予“全国工人先锋号”等荣誉称号……Yishan coal Company千秋煤矿八一采煤队在全国有着如此广泛影响,What are the internal reasons?Li Zhongchao, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Yili Coal Company, said that it is the strong leadership of the Party and the call of the red flag, which cast the spirit of "August First Coal Mining Team" which is "brave and good at fighting, hard working, taking the overall situation into consideration and willing to contribute"。

  Carry forward the red tradition and hold high the red banner。被评为河南省委“两优一先”先进基层单位、入选“出彩河南人”2021感动中原十大年度人物候选人……新一代八一采煤人在鉴往知来中砥砺前行,他们表示要以实际行动让红色旗帜更加鲜艳。

  From the Party's brilliant achievements, hardships, historical experience and fine traditions, Henan energy people have a deeper understanding that adhering to the Party's leadership and strengthening the Party's construction is the "root" and "soul" of state-owned enterprises.。Henan energy Party Committee above rate under,Study and discussion were conducted 24 times in the form of the Theoretical Central Group of the Party Committee and the "First topic" of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee,Henan energy units organized 120 visits to revolutionary Memorial halls and Red education bases,Organizing the singing competition "Ode to the Party",Employees directly participated in the activities of nearly 20,000 people,Presenting layer upon layer stubble, full push good situation。

  Enlightenment thought - keep the right innovation and perseverance

  All learning is not learning for learning, the purpose of learning is to apply。In the hands of Henan Energy Party Committee leading group members, there are two time-node task tables: one is Party history learning and education, the other is reform rebirth。The weight of each other is equally important, and the time is advancing at the same time。They are well aware that to effectively promote the study and education of Party history, we must adhere to the unity of learning, thinking and application, knowledge, belief and practice. Only by improving the ability to apply the Party's innovative theories to analyze and solve problems can we transform the Party's innovative theories into a powerful force for deepening reform and rebirth。

  Provincial Party Committee work conference pointed out that to anchor the "two guarantees", the full implementation of the "ten strategies", the comprehensive deepening of reform strategy of the first, is to deepen the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises。Henan Energy insists on reforming from the root, breaking from the system and standing up from the governance. The reform and rebirth work has achieved phased results, and the internal driving force of the enterprise has been continuously strengthened。

  The realization of operating benefits is broken。Henan Energy strengthens management and lays a solid foundation for development。Especially in August 2021 coal sector profit 6.5亿元,环比实现翻番;化工板块继3、4、5月连续3个月盈利后,8月份再次实现板块整体单月盈利。It is worth mentioning that in September 2021, the profit of Henan Energy exceeded 2 billion yuan, completing the profit target of 2021 three months in advance。It is preliminarily estimated that in 2021, the operating revenue will reach more than 110 billion yuan and the profit will reach 3.2 billion yuan, the best performance in recent years。

  New financing has broken the ice。Henan Energy actively and steadily debt, to control risk and increase credit。Breakthroughs were made in stock financing restructuring, and 37 financial institutions were coordinated to lower stock financing rates to one-year LPR or five-year LPR。Incremental financing was improved, with financial institutions extending 5 billion yuan of new credit and 12 loans made.2亿元。The bond rollover and redemption were smooth. The total amount of 26 bond rollovers was 24 billion yuan, and the bond principal and interest was 14.4 billion yuan, showing the honest image of keeping promises to the capital market。

  Deepen reform and achieve reform。Henan Energy formulated a three-year action plan for reform and a plan for key reform to stimulate the vitality of all staff。Deepen the reform of the Group's management and control mode, guide Henan Energy to formulate the reform and optimization plan of the headquarters。The reform of the three systems was deepened, the contractual management of the tenure system of managers was vigorously implemented, and 895 managers of subsidiary companies at all levels were promoted to implement contractual management of the tenure system, accounting for 67 percent.5%。To deepen the mixed ownership reform, the coal sector will take the main path of asset securities, and load the assets of Xinjiang Yueng Company into the listed company Dayouenergy, improving the asset securitization rate。

  Industrial transformation to achieve breakthrough。Henan Energy focuses on the development of coal and new chemical materials, and strives to promote the transformation from traditional energy to new energy and from basic chemical industry to new chemical materials。Vigorously adjust the product structure, create "1" full series of biodegradable material industrial cluster and "4" high-end functional new material products, and create the largest biodegradable material and high-end new material industrial cluster with the most complete variety, strong competitiveness and high growth in China。Steadily entering the new energy industry。Kaixiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. of Yima Park signed the EPC contract of the PBT project with an annual output of 100,000 tons with the joint party led by National Machinery Group Co., Ltd. to build the PBT production plant with the largest total capacity in China。Hebi Longyu New Materials Co., Ltd. signed the EPC contract of Phase I project with annual output of 300,000 tons of polyformaldehyde with China Wuhuan。

  The heart has faith, can go far。Henan Energy grasp the essence of the essence, pay close attention to the implementation, a comprehensive review of its own position in the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, reform rebirth strive to be a pioneer, the thought of great power into a powerful driving force to promote the development of the cause。

  Get things done -- The people come first

  Why do state-owned enterprises exist?Going back to the source, state-owned enterprises were born to overcome the profit-seeking and blindness of private capital. They are the economic foundation of socialist fairness, justice and common prosperity, and represent the well-being of the whole people。Henan Energy firmly promotes the study and education of the Party history, and carries out the practical activities of "I do practical things for the masses", which not only allows the majority of Party members and cadres to be baptized and promoted, but also enables the masses to receive education and benefits, and strengthens the confidence in the path of socialist public ownership。

  The people, to solve the "distress and sorrow" matters。

  Henan energy the most difficult time, not only coal chemical plate losses, and financial institutions credit constraints。"As long as enterprises have some money, they should pay their debts first and then pay their wages。"Recalling that time, Liu Huifa, executive vice president of Henan Energy Trade Union, vividly remembers。

  At that time, at most half a year's wages were owed。Income instability is unstable, resulting in the loss of high-tech backbone talents, industry peers have come to dig people, and even recruitment notices are posted to the door of the mine。

  In December 2020, the new leadership of Henan Energy put forward the enterprise philosophy of "Safety is the first responsibility, workers are the first concern, development is the first priority, innovation is the first driving force", among which the first task of "workers are the first concern" is to find ways to make up the wages owed to workers。In April 2021, Henan Provincial government issued the Reform Rebirth Plan of Henan Energy and Chemical Industry Group, which clearly supports the attitude of deepening reform of Henan Energy. By exchanging time for space, it re-boosts the confidence of financial institutions and investors and creates conditions for Henan Energy to win bond renewal。

  Up to now, Henan energy workers owed wages have been reissued in place。"A lot of lost technical personnel have come back。"Liu Huifa said。

  Rescue, play a leading role in the backbone。

  "Fireworks" all over the sky, Zhengzhou suffered flood situation。

  On the evening of July 20, 2021, the two underground floors of expert apartment in Longzihu Campus of Henan University in Zhengzhou were all filled with water, about 600,000 cubic meters of water。After the disaster, the community has been cut off water and power, a large number of teachers trapped in high-rise housing, in urgent need of high-power pumping equipment assistance。

  The disaster is serious, testing the responsibility of state-owned enterprises。Informed of the intention to help,Henan energy Yongcoal, coal, coking coal, crane coal and other units quickly action,A total of 14 rescue teams consisting of more than 510 people have been set up,Starry night to help Zhengzhou Metro Line 5, Fuwai Huazhong Hospital, Henan University Zhengzhou new campus, Xinxiang, Hebi and other 10 room rescue,Nearly 100 rescue vehicles, fans, generators, water pumps and other rescue equipment were dispatched,About 30,000 cubic meters of waterlogging and silt were removed,More than 110 people were evacuated and rescued from the disaster。Wu Shanbao, director of Henan Energy General Office, said that in the face of emergency rescue, Henan energy heard the order to move, reliable, trustworthy, pull, win, and successfully complete the task every time。

  Guarantee supply and maintain economic and social stability。

  告急!告急!2021年国庆长假期间,全国煤炭供应形势持续趋紧,省内主要电厂库存已降至历史低位,伟德体育日均发运2.750,000 tons of high quality power coal supply Guoneng Xingyang Thermal Company, China Resources Shouyangshan power plant, deburning "coal" urgent。

  In the first three quarters of 2021, 7.04 million tons of thermal coal were shipped to Changxie Power plants in the province, accounting for 42 percent of the province.2%, less than the market price 4.800 million yuan, especially in the third quarter of the thermal coal performance rate reached 116%, overcash the provincial thermal coal long association。There is a commitment to practice, actively fulfill the social responsibility behind, Henan energy people shoulder the responsibility and responsibility。As CAI Xiang, general manager of Henan Energy Sales Company, quips, "Others can't get thermal coal even if they take money, but we have to send it to power plants even if we lose money。”

  Looking back over the past century, the reason why the Communist Party of China has been able to go through numerous difficulties and dangers from victory to victory, the most crucial is to insist on putting the people in the highest position in the heart。This also encourages Henan energy workers to achieve practical results in the study and education of Party history in the practice of conforming to the expectations of employees and improving people's well-being。

  Open a new bureau - reform rebirth strong confidence

  Only by not forgetting the original intention can we achieve stability and long distance, and only by not forgetting the original intention can we open up the future。

  To carry out the study and education of Party history, we must combine history, present and future。The year 2021 will be the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the beginning of Henan's new journey to comprehensively build socialist modernization。Henan Energy draws valuable experience from the century-old Party history, adheres to the enterprise philosophy of "safety is the first responsibility, workers are the first concern, development is the first priority, innovation is the first driving force", opens up a new situation in the development of various undertakings, realizes the rebirth of reform with practical actions, and builds a modern first-class enterprise。

  Safety is the first responsibility。For security, Henan Energy has a heart of awe and red line awareness。Special regulations on work safety in the 22 Coal and 14 Chemical Industries were issued,The "three no four can" security concept concretized and humanized,Achieve implementation landing, into the brain into the heart,Implement the responsibility of production safety with the strictest punishment,The mine manager fails to perform the duty of leading the shift down the well,Leading cadres of other production units fail to perform duty duties or leave their posts without authorization,They will all be dismissed。

  The staff is the first concern。Henan Energy has 160,000 employees, many of whose families have several generations to work in the enterprise. The fate of their families and individuals is closely linked with the development of the enterprise, so we should always wholeheartedly rely on the employees to run the enterprise。On the one hand, we will do our best and do what we can to help workers in difficulties and solve their problems. On the other hand, we will continue to open doors and ask for advice from the people, so as to stimulate the wisdom and strength hidden in the workers。

  Development is the top priority。To overcome difficulties and problems, defuse risks, tackle major challenges such as reform and transformation, and accomplish the goals and tasks of the rebirth of reform, we must firmly grasp the "top priority" of development。We should base on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, integrate into the new development pattern, take transformation and upgrading as the breakthrough path, focus on the main business, slim down and fit, and strive to build a modern first-class enterprise "led by innovation, green circulation, low carbon efficiency and strong competitiveness"。

  Innovation is the primary driving force。Today's innovation achievements are tomorrow's development achievements, and weak innovation ability is one of the most prominent weaknesses of enterprises。Innovation should lead development,Increase investment in scientific and technological research and development,To ensure that Henan energy and affiliated industrial enterprises R & D investment intensity is not less than 2% this year,构建“一院四中心”科技创新体系;要用改革倒逼创新,We will vigorously promote contractual management of the tenure system,We will advance reform of the compensation system,We will promote the reform experience of the "double 100" pilot enterprises,Implement professional governance。

  To embark on a new journey and assume a new mission, we need to draw striving force from history and open up a new bureau of development with a high attitude of struggle。

  The 11th Provincial Party Congress issued a call: take up the historical mission of building modern Henan bravely。As a provincial management of large state-owned enterprises, Henan energy should be brave when the vanguard。

  The report on the work of the provincial Government in 2022 proposed that we should continue to deepen reforms in key areas and comprehensively accomplish the goals and tasks of the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform。Facing the end of the task of reform rebirth, Henan energy to practice and deliver。

  At present, the provincial government's State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Party Committee is vigorously implementing the "root soul project" of the Party building, striving to create a new era of our province's state-owned enterprises to comprehensively strengthen the Party building "Henan" and state-owned enterprise reform three-year action "Party building"。"We will actively use the results of Party history study and education, have the courage to carry out self-revolution, build the Party stronger and stronger, and let the Party flag continue to fly high on the battlefield of reform and rebirth," Li said。